COMING SOON: St. Ives Food Bank is relocating to the Edward Hain Centre

Our first long-term tenants will move in early May

The St. Ives Food Bank have provided meals for families in crisis for over ten years. For eight of those, they have been based at Chy an Gweal chapel in Carbis Bay; but as of early May, in a move that brings them closer to most of the families they provide for, they have a new home: The Edward Hain Centre.

This came about after Chy an Gweal closed, which meant the inevitable end of the Food Bank’s tenancy there. Project co-ordinator Rev. Christopher Wallis began the search for new premises– with no luck. Growing desperate, he approached the St. Ives Town Council. Both they, and St. Ives Community Land Trust board member Morag Robertson, came up with a solution: the newly-opened Edward Hain Centre.

Label saying 'Feeding St Ives residents in crisis'

Joining Forces

Several meetings followed between Chris, his assistant Keith Judkins, and the Edward Hain Centre’s manager, Sharron Goldingay. Sharron consulted the Centre’s trustees. The result: the Food Bank is coming on board. We are thrilled to welcome them as our first long-term tenants.

Food Bank trustee and project co-ordinator, Rev. Chris Wallis, said, ‘We are excited to be joining forces with the Edward Hain Centre. Being at the Centre will enable us to meet the growing demand for our services more easily.’ As he says, this will also help the Centre to develop as a community hub.

Our Chair, Lynne Isaacs, added, ‘The proximity of our two charities will broaden each of our community bases, and we are already discussing how we might collaborate on specific projects at the Centre. It’s a perfect synergy.’

Community Generosity

The good news doesn’t stop there, however. In a further act of community support, a generous sponsor has offered to pay of the Food Bank’s first six months’ rent. The donor, a St. Ives resident who has requested anonymity, said, ‘The Edward Hain Centre plans to roll out services that will provide a diverse range of help for the general public. I think everyone can make a contribution, through volunteering some of their time and skills, or making a financial donation, and we will all see the benefits of a happier, healthier community. I feel fortunate to be able to help this incredible cause.’

And we feel fortunate to be the recipients of such generosity– as well as having such a fabulous community-based charity as the Food Bank under our roof. It really brings home what community means: not only being there for those who need our services; but also, being there for, and with, each other.


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